Frequently Asked Questions

Agent Frequently Asked Questions

Essentially, the best time to sell is when no-one else is selling. The property market, like any other market, is simply supply and demand – Prices trend up when demand is high and supply is low whereas prices also tend to soften when there is little demand and high volumes of property stock available.


If you are thinking about selling, try and time your campaign so that your house is for sale at a time when there’s not much else out there. This way, you have less competition for the attention of buyers and are more likely to obtain a premium price.

This will depend on the current age and condition of your home. If you live in an old house which has mostly original fixtures, you may need to look at upgrading some aspects of the property in order to get maximum value for it from the market. If the house is in generally good condition, and the fixtures are reasonably modern, they you might get away with just doing some cosmetic refurbishments and general maintenance to spruce the place up.


You will also need to consider what sort of budget you have to work with and what sort of value a major renovation would add to the property. For a more detailed analysis on this, click here to request your complimentary copy of Top 10 Property Selling Secrets – The essential home seller’s resource.

Once an Agent qualifies and becomes an agent of LIMITLESS we provide them with several marketing tools to help them with making introductions to potential clients. These materials include customized sell sheets, email scripts, and printed brochures upon request. We are here to support you to answer any question you may have and assist you with your potential customers

YES. Please contact us for earning potential details.

Yes. If you follow up with clients and they bring additional billing optimization to LIMITLESS you will commission for additional referrals.

No. There are no upfront fees to become an agent.

No, there are no quotas or any other fees associated with our Agent Programs.

  1. A completed and signed LAR or BDA AGREEMENT
  2. A completed and signed W-9 (for commission payment).
  3. A qualification review