Learn about the investors and companies that are active in your market so you can continue to be the expert your clients need!

Cash Offers for Sellers

A company that provides “market value” cash offers to homeowners. Homeowners typically pay a service fee but are able to skip the hassle of showings, discontinue any repairs, choose their own closing date, optional post-possession, and more.


Institutions purchase a home for cash, turn it into a long-term rental, and hold the property as an investment.


iBuyers purchase a home for cash, do minor updates to the home, and relist it on the MLS for sale.

Distressed Homes

A company or investor that purchases a home for cash taking into account the amount of renovation needed. Typically offered at 70% after-rehab value.

Homeowner Programs

Additional programs for you to provide your client based on their needs.

Pre-List Renovations

Focuses on repairs and renovations to list a home on the market for sale. Typically Sellers can use their settlement funds to pay vs. payment up front for services. This allows the homeowner to invest in the home to maximize resale value without having to pay upfront.


A company that purchases a home for a seller and leases it back to them. The homeowner is then able to unlock the equity in their home and able to purchase the home at a future date.


A company that helps people move without contingencies, make a cash offer on their next home, and then either list or purchase the customer’s current home. Most also have a “purchase-only” product that turns a financed buyer into a cash buyer in order to be more competitive.


A company that helps Buyers who don’t yet qualify for traditional financing to get into a home. Option fees to rent and pre-approved budgets to shop for a home are common.

Current or Aspiring Landlord Option

Retirement solution for landlords. Landlords can enjoy all the benefits of a residential real estate investment without any of the hassle!

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