ESO Partner Playbook

This playbook will provide the instructions and resources you need to be successful pitching Easy Street and introducing Investors & Agents to Easy Street Offers.

What is Easy Street Offers?

Our Mission

Build the nation’s leading cash offer marketplace for real estate.

How We Help Investors Grow their Portfolios

We offer the following completely FREE of charge:

  • Access to Off-Market Properties
  • Underwriting as a Service
  • Data and numbers instead of "wishing and hoping" the property will offer returns
  • The confidence of knowing you're using the property for it's best and highest use as we run numbers based on all investing opportunities
  • Easily invest in multiple markets

How We Help Agents Grow their Business with Cash Offers

We offer the following completely FREE of charge:

  • Multiple Cash Offers: Receive offers from all interested Buyers in 48hrs or less.
  • Farming Data: Our Easy Street team can supply addresses aligned with investors' buy boxes for your market.
  • Marketing & Lead Gen Strategies: Implement programs and strategies around cash offer messaging
  • Proven, Repeatable Process: Cash offer messaging works!

Partnership Goals

  1. Make Easy Street Offers the nation’s leading real estate investment marketplace.
  2. Grow Titles across the country.
  3. Provide a marketplace option for clients to buy and sell assets.

How We Work With Investors

Investor Types & Strategies:

Today, Easy Street is specifically targeting investors who are end-buyers. They are directly purchasing with cash (or hard money financing).

Easy Street Offers is not a suitable platform for wholesalers or investors looking to acquire through:

  • subject-to
  • seller-financing
  • other non-traditional acquisition structures

Investor Journey

*Sample Investor Buybox*

Refer Your Investors

Goals of this Initiative

  1. Introduce qualified investor clients to Easy Street Offers’ new acquisition marketplace.
  2. Show investors the value-add benefit of having your brand as a partner.

Investor Contact List

Local offices are generating and calling on their own contact lists. This list should be made up of current, prospective, and past clients who are a match for Easy Street’s marketplace. See Investor Types & Strategies section above for guidance on who ESO is a good fit for.

Step 1: The Pitch (You Do)

The end-goal of each call is to qualify the investor & schedule a meeting with the Easy Street Offers.

Easy Street Offers opens doors to off-market properties aligned precisely with your investment criteria. Unlike traditional agents who rely on wish and hope, we employ a comprehensive market underwriting approach to unveil exclusive off-market opportunities fitting your financial and physical requirements - your personalized 'buybox.' Our platform enables direct offers on properties across any market you're interested in, ensuring you access the best opportunities for investment.

Step 2: Submit Investor Referral (You Do)
Partner Channel Investor Lead Form
Step 3: Investor Schedules Onboarding Meeting (We Do)
Your investor client will receive an email from Easy Street Offers that includes a video presentation of how/why Easy Street is a valuable opportunity (check it out here) along with a Calendly link to schedule their onboarding meeting. *If your investor has not scheduled their onboarding meeting within 48 hours, the ESO team will reach out directly.
Step 4: Account Access (We Do)
After the onboarding call, the investor will receive access to their portal account!

How We Work With Agents

Cash Offer Lifecycle

Step 1
The listing agent submits a cash offer request at
Step 2
Listing agent presents ESO cash offers along side listing option
Step 3
Consumer selects our offer and we close. ESO represents the buyer and agent represents the seller

Refer Your Agents

Goals of this Initiative

  1. Introduce qualified agent clients to Easy Street Offers’ new sales and acquisition marketplace.
  2. Show agents the value-add benefit of having your brand as a partner.

Agent Contact List

Local offices are generating and calling on their own contact lists. This list should be made up of current, licensed agents who currently, or are interested in, leveraging cash offers as a potential solution for their homeowner clients.
Step 1: The Pitch (You Do)
The end goal of the call is to get buy-in from the Agent to get an account and start requesting cash offers from Easy Street.

Discover Easy Street Offers, the ultimate platform for real estate agents. In today's market, agents face challenges with clients opting to rent instead of buying or selling, and competing with cash offers and prop tech companies. Easy Street Offers solves these hurdles by empowering agents with tools to collect cash offers before listing, implement farming strategies, discover referral opportunities, and present a spectrum of selling options for clients.

Step 2: Submit Agent Referral (You Do)
Partner Channel Agent Lead Form

Once complete the agent will receive a welcome email to the agent account.
Step 3: Agent verifies account and submits first request (We Do)
Easy Street will use the information provided by you in the lead form to go ahead and generate the agent’s account and attribute you as the Title partner.

Marketing Assets For Use

We have created a suite of co-branded collateral you can use and share with your investor and agent clients. Simply copy the url and share.

Create Your Own Branded QR Code for Bookings!

Easy Street Offers has now become even more accessible for you to share with both Investors and Agents. We’ve streamlined the process, making it incredibly easy for you to spread the word. Follow these simple steps to generate personalized QR codes that will link directly to you:

Step 1: Visit the Link
Visit here to begin the QR code creation process and enter your email address and password.
Step 2: Personalize Your Code
Confirm your signup via email and login Then, easily customize your QR code with just a few clicks. Add your unique branding elements and personal photo to make it truly yours.
Step 3: Generate the Code
Once you’re satisfied with the customization, hit the generate button. Our system will create a unique QR code tailored to your specifications. If you’ve created separate codes for agents and investors, remember to label them accordingly.
Step 4: Share with Ease
Distribute your branded QR code through various channels, such as social media, emails, or printed materials. Anyone scanning the code will be directly linked to you.

Easy Street Offers FAQ


What is the cost of using ESO’s platform?

There is zero cost to use the ESO platform. No annual fee. No subscription fees. 

How does Easy Street Offers make money?

ESO will represent all buyers on the platform as the buyer’s broker; we make our money representing the investor through to the close of the transaction and earning the cooperating broker commission. We are structured to win when you win.

Which markets does ESO source from currently?

We are currently active in California, Arizona, Texas, Florida, Nevada, Georgia, North Carolina, & Tennessee. We will be rolling out the rest of the country in phases. 

Can I purchase in more than one market/area?


How do the commissions work?

ESO deals are typical real estate transactions. Commissions on both sides are negotiable and can vary per deal.

Are there minimum requirements for staying on the platform?

There are no minimum requirements for staying on the platform.

Do all offers have to be cash offers?

No, many investors use debt and leverage. We are happy to help them source debt through our business relationships as well.

How long does an investor have to make an offer on a property?

After an agent submits a property for cash offers, investors have 48 hours to review and bid on the opportunity.


What is the benefit of submitting my seller’s property to the ESO platform?

By presenting your seller’s property to ESO, your listing gets exposed to a pre-screened pool of buyers poised to submit offers typically within 48 hours.

How do I submit pre-MLS properties for cash offers?

Sign up for your free Agent account. From your portal, click “Request Offers” in the top nav and complete the request form.

How long before I start getting offers?

All offers will be delivered within 48 hours of submission. You may begin to receive first offers within 24 hours or less. Offers are published to you instantly when an Investor submits their bid.

Are deals negotiable?

Yes, you will have the option to counter the offer. 

Can an agent submit MLS listings of their own to the platform?

No. We currently only allow off-market or unlisted properties from agents who submit to us for offers. All MLS listings are already listed on our platform.

What is the referral fee paid out for onboarding investors to the platform?

Agents can earn a 25% in perpetuity referral fee for their investor client. We are an additional source for investor acquisitions. This also applies to out of state markets. 

Can I be involved in the investor transactions on the ESO platform?

No. An agent’s participation ends after referral. Easy Street Offers acts as the buyer broker on all acquisitions. 

What location are you purchasing in?

The buyers and what they’re looking for are always changing and being updated. Submitting the home is the best way to find out, and it only takes 48 hours.

Do I write my own contracts?

We, as the buyer’s broker, will use and write standard contracts to ensure we are in compliance with local rules and regulations.

What happens if the seller wants to accept the offer?

When you click “Accept” on an offer in your portal, ESO will generate and send a standard state Purchase Contract to you for execution.